Friday, 26 March 2010

Paint - Which colour should I choose?

Whether you want just refresh your home or do complete makeover, choosing right colour for your walls is ususally one of the first steps. With the diversity of colours available on the market, it maybe very tough decision. For those, who still can't decide, "Builders Tips" prepared for you a little crib sheet.

1. White - most universal colour. Gives impression of cleanliness. Soothes and brings good mood. Looks best combined with other, more intensive colours e.g. furniture. Great for all rooms.

2. Yellow - very warm colour, stimulates and energises. Too vivid or excessively used may cause agression and annoyance. Best for kitchen, office or study. Not recommended for bedrooms.

3. Pink - stimulates body, but can be too overhelming. Good for children's room. Very fair shade of pink may be used in bedrooms.

4. Orange - invigorates and favours positive emotions. Increases motivation. Perfect for kitchen, study and living room.

5. Red - drawing attention and stimulating. Good for sluggish, tired or those seeking strong emotions. Not recommended for tempestuous. Usually applied as a addition to white.

6. Blue - helps to relax and unwind. Soothes body and mind. Ideal for bedrooms.

7. Green - gives impression of calmness and safety. Can cause passivity and boredom, and therefore is the best possible colour for bedroom.

8. Brown - warm and neutral. Creates nice, relaxing atmosphere. Great for all rooms.

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