Saturday, 27 March 2010

How to choose the right building company?

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You have finally made a decision to build your new home or refurbish the old one. You want the work to be done quickly and as smoothly as possible.Choosing the right company for this task can be easy, if you'll follow the advice of Federation of Master Builders (

1. Ask friends and family to recommend building firms who have done work for them.

2. Use the Find A Builder service to search for professional builders in your area. Companies listed there meet government-endorsed standards on workmanship and customer service.

3. Talk to the builders' previous customers. Go and see the jobs they have done and ask the customers if all went well.

4. Ask at least three builders to provide quotes.

5. Produce a detailed written specification of the work you want done. Where possible, include detailed drawings.

6. Make sure the builders' quotes cover everything you would like done, including supply of materials, removal of rubbish and 'making good' after the work is finished.

7. Ask for details of how the builder should be paid. This should be in instalments, as parts of the project are completed.

8. Check whether any guarantee of the work will be supplied.

9. Make sure the builder has the appropriate level of public liability insurance for the work to be carried out at your home.

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