Friday, 17 June 2011

Interior Paint Colours - Choose the best one for your home


Red is the color of passion, action, danger and desire.

In the home red rouses appetites in dining rooms and to seduce in bedrooms; adds warmth, to unloved areas like hallways and stairways; stimulates activity in kitchens; avoid stress-inducing red in offices.

In style red is sexy in a 'Moulin rouge' style boudoir (think velvet drapes and black lace); sleek, chic and contemporary in an oriental-style living room; classic, in darker shades in a formal, Empire-look dining room.


Orange has a sense of humour. It laughs out loud. Frank Sinatra once said: 'Orange is the happiest colour'. He was right.

In the home orange stimulates. Like red, orange inspires activity, so use a dash in your office.
Adds va-va-voom. Breathe life into sombre north-facing rooms and dark stairwells.Energises; use tangy oranges for children's playrooms - they'll love you for it.

In style orange is earthy and vibrant in an African-style living room (think big pots and wood stool ); retro, in a 70s-style living room with low-level brown leather sofas; exotic,with turquoise and hot pink in a Mexican-style look.


Go for gold. After all you rule your own castle.You don't need to be rich to indulge yourself with gold.

In the home gold indulges; bathe in gold's vibrant, warm rays in your hot tub. Lightens and brightens; gold adds warmth to dark north-facing rooms. Looks luxurious; give your living room a movie star allure with gold gloss.

In style gold is decadent; turn your home into a castle with golds, deep violets and rich reds. Summery; imagine the sun on ripe barley and team gold with soft blues and fresh whites. Ageless; gold is always in fashion, but for contemporary looks combine gold with cool neutrals.


Sunny, bright yellow uplifts us. It inspires confidence and ideas. Yellow is the first colour to be seen by newborns. It brings light and life.

In the home yellow lightens sunless, north-facing rooms and creates a feeling of space in small rooms. Energises; pale yellow works as a morning pick-me-up in bathrooms. Welcomes; bring a beaming yellow into kitchens and living rooms.

In style yellow is bright and breezy in a sunflower-and-blue French country kitchen look; stylish and chic in a retro 50s-style kitchen with vintage accessories; classic with white ceilings in an Edwardian-style living room.


Give green the green light. It heals, nurtures and comforts. Green, abundant in nature, is the colour of health, growth and good judgement.

In the home green restores body and mind in bathrooms with jade and mint shades. Reflects; in home offices, warmer shades encourage good decision making. Is refreshing; a crisp, apple green with white looks uplifting in kitchens.

In style green is naturally chic in olive or shades with woods and dark leathers
in living rooms. Timeless with apricots and tans in Art Deco-style bedrooms. Zen-like in its softer shades; think Japanese (cane furniture, grasses, celadon pots).


Dive in to blue. It's a colour that cools, calms and soothes. Blue is the world's favourite colour. It lets us relax and reflect.

In the home blue creates calm in bedrooms by stilling the mind, particularly in its softer tints. Stimulates ideas in stronger shades in home offices or studies. Revives body and mind in bathrooms; choose fresh blues like aqua and turquoise.

In style blue is refreshing in a Moroccan blue-white bathroom scheme. Laid-back and chic with chocolate leather sofas and dark woods in a living room. Timeless (think Wedgwood pottery, Delft tiles) in a Georgian-style kitchen.


Violet is connected with the spirit. It is creative and inspirational. Violet is a deeply spiritual colour, but it's also associated with royalty and riches.

In the home violet relaxes. Violet encourages meditation and repose in bathrooms. Is glamorous; plum shades with silver in a living room look indulgent. Inspires; as violet encourages creativity, use it on studio walls.

In style violet is opulent; conjure up an 'Arabian Nights' look with gold and violet cushions.
Luxurious; mix lighter shades with chocolate brown for a modern, comfortable style. Tranquil; go for the urban loft look with light shades and designer furnishings.


Neutrals are easy-going. These colours go anywhere anytime. Neutrals are the perfect canvas for all the things you love to live with.

In the home neutrals help you unwind. Neutrals help you put your feet up in living rooms; are peaceful; in bedrooms, these serene hues help induce sleep. Calm; in bathrooms or studies
these quiet colours allow your thoughts to roam.

In style neutrals is good for natural looks; think modern rustic (mix with leather, wicker, hemp).
Minimalist; for a clean-lined look that's not too cold, neutrals are perfect. Ageless; neutrals go with everything so these colours can form the basis to many styles.


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