Saturday, 21 May 2011

5 gadgets for DIYers


If you worry about stepping on a tray full of paint as you’re coating your walls, the EZ Twist paint stick can ease your mind; by combining a roller with an in-handle paint reservoir, EZ Twist eliminates the need for extraneous trays. The paint reservoir is replenished via an independent fill tube that connects on one side to a snap-on paint can cover, and on the other to an opening in the roller handle. A simple twist of the handle creates suction that fills the reservoir with up to 18 ounces of paint, enough to cover 8 square feet of wall. Surplus paint can be returned to the can by reversing the motion, and parts clean up by flushing with water. EZ Twist comes with a roller cover (3⁄8″ nap), splatter shield, fill tube, and paint can cover. Available at


In an old house, where there’s rarely a straight line, a level is a must, and one that keeps your hands free is even better. Ryobi’s tiny laser level vacuum-grips the wall, even on uneven surfaces, to stay in place while you align shelves and picture frames. Unlike other hands-free levels that use sticky paper or pins, this one won’t mark your walls. Available at


For quick and easy cleanup of nails, screws, bolts, and other metal items around the shop or in the yard—like after a roofing repair project—the Magnetic Sweep from Veritas can be your best friend. The strong 9½”-wide magnet easily attracts up to 2 pounds of metal per sweep. Its low profile and flexible neck help it fit easily under cars, bushes, or shelves, and it also boasts an extendable handle that adjusts from 21″ to 47″. Available at


Anyone who’s struggled to hold a flashlight while working in a crawlspace will appreciate the new Gorillatorch Blade, which stands on articulating ball-and-socket tripod legs that bend to wrap around just about anything—and what they can’t wrap around, they usually can stick to thanks to strong magnets in their feet. With 130 lumens and features like an adjustable wide- to spot-beam, the Blade makes getting targeted lighting where you need it a snap. Its lithium-ion battery also easily recharges through either an AC adapter or the USB port on your computer. Available at


If you are a do-it-yourself kind of guy that is a little simple likes to keep things simple, the Dumb Handman’s Tape Measure will be your new best friend.

As you can see, the units of measurement are measured out in actual feet – not numbers. Unfortunately, if my handyman showed up using something like this I would have serious doubts about his craftsmanship ;)


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