Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Storage Space in Living Room

If you live in a small space, every square inch counts. You can utilize a lot of unused space in the living room, if you’re creative and savvy. There are several decorating strategies you can use on your own space to multiply your existing storage space. Here’s how to create more storage space in a living room.

1. Purchase multi functional pieces of furniture. Don’t use a traditional coffee table. Instead, use a trunk or an ottoman that can double as storage space, additional seating or a table. Do the same for side or end tables. Many furniture designers are aware of the need for more practical storage space so they utilize all available space. Seating of surfaces can be removed to reveal storage space for magazines, CD’s, videos and even blankets.

2. If you are using a futon in the living room as a couch, place decorative baskets under it to store magazines, videos and game consoles.

3. If you have a bay window, have seating and storage constructed. Not only will it provide a lovely design element to your room, but it will also give you a lot of storage space that is discreet but accessible.

4. If you don’t have a wide space, think vertically. Build shelving on the walls to utilize the unused space. You can even have cabinetry built in to reach the ceiling for a total storage solution. So the wall doesn’t look to heavy, have some panels as open shelving and put doors on the rest.

5. Use your walls. Hang shelving behind the sofa and place your knick knacks there. It will provide a point of interest in the room but also give you space to display some possessions. Don’t just use a piece of wood and L brackets. Find something decorative in the home store and hang that. Some hanging shelves are constructed so creatively such that they actually look like a piece of sculpture or artwork. You can also upgrade your traditional tube TV to a plasma TV and hang it on the wall to clear the space and enable you to use the cabinet for storage instead of putting your entertainment system on it.

6. Hang shelving on the space above the door and windows. This is unused space otherwise. You can put books and other decorative things on the shelf.

7. Declutter your space. No matter how much storage space you have, it will never be enough if you don’t get rid of things. There’s no need to hold on to your magazine subscriptions from ten years ago. If you live in a small space, you have to be vigilant about what you keep in your home. Every time you bring something in, something has to go out. This is the only way to control the clutter and volume of your possessions.


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