Friday, 10 September 2010

5 Useful DVD's for DIYers

How to D.I.Y. - The Complete Series

The How to diy dvd range is the essential step by step easy to follow visual aid for any DIY enthusiast. Each reveals handy tips from the trade and gives professional instruction on how to carry out home improvements, repairs and maintenance.

The "How To" DIY Guide To... Tiling

Watch and learn how to expertly tile floors and walls. You will find out how to measure out the work area, use all the tools required, cut around windows and reveals, fix tiling beads, tile around obstacles like sinks or radiators.

Beginners Guide To DIY And Gardening

DVD 1 - Beginners Guide To Gardening - Seasoned gardener John Lewis introduces you to the pleasure of gardening. With tips on basic gardening techniques, this charming DVD is suitable for anyone with a patch of land however small. Chapters include, choosing hand tools, greenhouses, propagation and planting out, sowing vegetable seeds and much more. DVD 2 - Planning A Garden - Hands-on gardener John Lewis shows you how to manage, arrange and develop your garden into a place that gives you pleasure. This informative guide to garden planning includes advice on buying plants from a nursery, soil types, starting out, container plants, edging, feature plants and even finding space for children's toys. DVD 3 - Beginner's Guide To DIY - This practical and easy to follow DVD is designed to give you the basic skills you need to get pleasure from working on your own home. With an emphasis on simplicity and safety, you'll receive friendly advice on all the common do-it-yourself tasks: wiring a plug, hanging wallpaper, putting up a shelf and much more.

Fun To Know - Interior Design

This interactive DVD was made by Interior Design Professionals for the purpose of guiding you to the art of transforming any given space into a beautiful, functional space adequate for your needs and purpose. Through detailed explanations you will learn quickly and easily how to best use the space, how to choose the colours and how to fine tune them.

DIY - Home Security

Home security including door locks, securing windows, security bolts, security lighting, door chains and general security tips.

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