Friday, 13 August 2010

Windows with style

How to decorate your windows with style? Here are some tips on choosing window treatment hardware.

Determine if you want the window hardware to stand out or be "invisible". Rods and finials might be more prominent in a formal room while a contemporary room calls for clean lines and an uncluttered look.

Consider the function of a window treatment as you choose the hardware. Draperies that close will require easy sliding rings or a draw cord system. Stationery decorative panels can be gathered onto a rod or hung from tab tops or ties.

Layer your window treatments for the most flexibility. For example, place blinds next to the glass for privacy and light control, then add decorative curtain panels for color and style.

Use two rods or a double rod to accommodate a layer of sheers and over drapes, or drapes and a valance.

Look for rods, finials, and hardware in styles and colors that will enhance the look of your decor and the window treatments.

Contemporary homes will find that chrome rods, glass finials, metals, iron, and cable systems will fit well with that look.

Newer wire systems are perfect for very wide windows and for contemporary rooms where furnishings and accessories may be minimal and straight lined.

Match the hardware to the style of your draperies and your room. Choose sturdy larger diameter rods for heavy draperies. Sheer panels and lighter silks will look more appropriate on thinner lighter rods.

Carved dark wood, gilt touches, and traditional shapes work well in formal, traditional, or period rooms.

Scale is another important consideration. Reserve heavy cornices and finials for larger rooms with high ceilings. Keep the scale lighter for smaller spaces with low ceilings.

Iron, black wrought iron, and rustic metals might be used in country interiors, rustic rooms, and some themed rooms in Tuscan, Spanish, and other rustic styles.

Country styles can be accented with pine, iron, and simple wood rods.

Add height to a room by installing drapery hardware well above the window frame, or even up along the ceiling line. The longer fabric panels will add a tall line to the rooms.


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